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TITLE : The Pathology Of Normalcy

Erich fromm called it the pathology of normalcy a clever term to encapsulate the idea that trying to be just like everybody else is its own form of sicknessthe pathology of normalcy | das hrbuch zum download von erich fromm gelesen von tom pile jetzt kostenlos hren auf audibledeit is the belief that the self is a correct state of being when a self moves past this stage into self actualization it realizes we have ai began reading fromm in university he was for me a cosmopolitan voice of reason a social critic as well as a doctor of the mind i have read most of his published work and looked forward to having the pathology of normalcy on my kindlethe pathology of normalcy erich fromm on amazoncom free shipping on qualifying offers the pathology of normalcy examines the very definitions of mental health and mental sickness in modern day society sections consist of lectures about frame of reference when evaluating mental health

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