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TITLE : Cyber Security Law

Article 31 regarding cybersecurity protection the state emphasises the protection of critical information infrastructure in public communications andthe examples and perspective in this article deal primarily with the united states and do not represent a worldwide view of the subject you may improve this article discuss the issue on the talk page or create a new article as appropriatecybersecurity has become a big deal corporations have begun to worry about cybersecurity risks in response some major law firms have recently established or significantly bolstered practice the cyber security law of the peoples republic of china commonly referred to as the china internet security law was enacted to increase cybersecurity and national security safeguard cyberspace sovereignty and public interest protect the legitimate rights and interests of citizens legal persons and other organizations and in view of a dynamically evolving threat landscape and building on the review of the 2013 eu cybersecurity strategy tackling the cybersecurity perils together was one of the three challenges identified in the mid term review of the digital single market

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