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TITLE : Medical Research And Education

As an excellent provider of medical education one that cultivates research and presents practitioners with the innovations that are constantly transforming the field of medicine the meri supplies hands on opportunities that are vital to the continued advancement of neurosurgery as well as the health and wellness of patients everywheremedical education is education related to the practice of being a medical practitioner either the initial training to become a physician ie medical school and internship or additional training thereafter eg residency fellowship and continuing medical education3 the value importance and oversight of health research the previous chapter reviewed the value of privacy while this chapter examines the value and importance of health research as noted in the introduction to chapter 2 the committee views privacy and health research as complementary valuesamref health africa is governed by an international board ib of directors drawn from africa europe and north america the ib provides policy guidance financial oversight strategic orientation and fundraising leadership to the organisationmayo foundation is a charitable not for profit corporation with a mission to provide the highest quality compassionate care at a reasonable cost through a physician led team of diverse people working together in clinical practice education and research in a unified multi campus system more than

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