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TITLE : Fluoride In Dentistry

Fluoride is often called natures cavity fighter and for good reason fluoride a naturally occurring mineral helps prevent cavities in children and adults by making the outer surface of your teeth more resistant to the acid attacks that cause tooth decayrole of fluoride in dental health 1 1role of fluoride indental healthss hotchandani 2 what is fluoride2 fluoride is the ionic form of the element fluorinefluoride therapy is the use of fluoride for medical purposes fluoride supplements are recommended to prevent tooth decay in children older than 6 month in areas where the drinking water is low in fluoride it is typically used as a liquid pill or paste by mouth fluoride is a mineral that occurs naturally in many foods and water every day minerals are added to and lost from a tooths enamel layer through two processes demineralization and remineralizationfluoride is a naturally occurring mineral found in water in varying amounts depending on where in the uk you live it can help prevent tooth decay which is why its added to many brands of toothpaste and in some areas to the water supply through a process called fluoridation

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